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New bulk fruit bin brings choice for Agri sector

Press Article: Author: MediaVision on behalf of TEGO Plastics

Agri related purchasing managers, pack-houses and producers will have a greater choice this year when sourcing bulk bins for their harvest and storage needs. The new, locally manufactured TEGO bulk bin is a robust, versatile, food safe bulk bin for use in the harvesting and post-harvesting processes of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The product launch follows the establishment of TEGO Plastics (Pty) Ltd, a new manufacturing subsidiary of the Kaap Agri Group.

TEGO Plastics has recently established a world-class large machine injection moulding facility in Brackenfell in the Western Cape. Tego Plastics’ primary focus will be to manufacture large plastic injection moulded products requiring a clamping force in excess of 1 501 tonnes, with the bulk fruit bin as its initial product. Production commenced in October. The facility is to be officially opened in March this year.

Bulk bins are essential for the pome, citrus and stone fruit industries.

“We are very excited about this new product. Demand for bulk bins exceed supply with few product options available to buyers. There is currently only one plastic bin supplier in South Africa. The TEGO bulk bin has unique design features that takes into account the specific requirements of agricultural end users who need cost-effective, food grade, and durable bins that perform well from the orchard right through the pack house,” says Sean Walsh, CEO of Kaap Agri.

“Tego” is the Latin word for protect.

“The TEGO bulk bin offers maximum protection for fresh produce. Its smooth inside design, easy stacking, 10-year UV resistance, center support structure, and transport support brace minimizes damage to both the bin and its contents in so many ways. Current available options are not all ideal. Wooden bulk bins make up a significant portion of the available current storage options but these pose a risk in terms of the presence of false codling moth and bacteria that negatively impact fresh produce quality,” says Edward Smith, Executive Manager of TEGO Plastics.

The TEGO bulk bin has the following features:

  • A base comprised of 8 feet to allow for four-way loading, with a two-way loading alternative;
  • Unique drenching slots for superior draining and cooling;
  • Centre support structure to reduce warping and bulging associated with heavy loads;
  • A higher base designed for easy use of a standard pallet jack, making transporting in tighter spaces a much simpler process;
  • Multiple customer branding options;
  • A transport support brace to improve structural integrity when in transit.

“TEGO bulk bins are made from high-density polyethylene (HPDE) offering great impact resistance and structural integrity, which helps to ensure that the bins are able to withstand varied temperature conditions. All of this means better protection for your goods, and less lost product during collection, storage and transport,” says Smith.

TEGO bulk bins are completely recyclable.

“Clients will also be happy to know that the footprint of the TEGO bulk bin is compatible with the existing plastic and wooden bins in the market, and therefore provides for seamless integration into their existing stock,” explains Smith.

TEGO Plastics is offering a variety of customization options, including customer branding and custom colours. TEGO bulk bins are sold exclusively through Pakmark and selected Agrimark stores. Financing options are also available.

TEGO plastics: Managing Director: Edward Smith | Tel: +27 (0)22 065 0035 |

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