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Sustainable land use – grazing management strategies

The grazing management strategies followed on livestock or game farms are the main aspect determining long-term sustainability (financial and environmental) of the farming business. Poor grazing management results in a reduction in grazing capacity of the veld, which then necessitates the reduction of animal numbers and/or the provision of supplement feeding at a cost. Continuous poor grazing management may even lead to a permanent reduction in grazing capacity if topsoil and nutrients are lost through erosion.

Checkers partners with Farmer Angus to support black regenerative agriculture.

In a recent drive to upskill and empower his farmworkers, regenerative livestock farmer, Angus McIntosh, of Farmer Angus on the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, sold 85% of his egg business (51% black women owned) to some of his former employees. This has made them instant business managers and shareholders. As one of South Africa’s largest retailers, Checkers offers the new owners the opportunity to expand their model nationally.

The British farm that went from ‘biological desert’ to biodiversity hotspot

In a report for Call to Earth, CNN visited the Knepp estate, a 3,500-acre area in the south of England, where a traditional farm has been transformed into a biodiversity hotspot through rewilding. Since starting the process in 2001, Knepp has become a celebrated conservation success story, attracting many rare species and transforming the landscape from an English country farm to untamed wilderness.