Author: Staff Reporter

Uitvinders, planmakers en ander slimkoppe van Suid-Afrika

A total ban on alcohol is the dullest instrument the government possibly could have used with which to carry out a delicate operation. In the meantime hundreds of wine farms and dozens of towns are bleeding to death, job opportunities are lost quicker than COVID-19 money going missing in the public service and one of South Africa’s oldest agricultural industries is on the verge of collapsing.

Sustainable land use – grazing management strategies

The grazing management strategies followed on livestock or game farms are the main aspect determining long-term sustainability (financial and environmental) of the farming business. Poor grazing management results in a reduction in grazing capacity of the veld, which then necessitates the reduction of animal numbers and/or the provision of supplement feeding at a cost. Continuous poor grazing management may even lead to a permanent reduction in grazing capacity if topsoil and nutrients are lost through erosion.