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Growbox To Introduce Sustainable Vegetable Farming In The Cape Flats

Press Release

During these uncertain times, sustainable food production is top priority and those affected by the current pandemic will need to be equipped with skills to improve in this area. Access to fresh produce at low prices has become more important now more than ever.  

Renshia Manuel – Image: Growbox

Red Bull Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Growbox, Renshia Manuel, will launch a fully-fledged vegetable production farm in the both the Cape Flats and Hanover Park in Cape Town on 3 October 2020, called the Urban Farmers’ Market. 

Supported by NGO African Artists for Development and their Résistances 2020 programme, the Urban Farmers’ Market will provide members of the community with sustainable farming skills. Those financially affected by the pandemic will gain experience in farming produce and selling the produce at the Urban Farmers’ Market. Résistances 2020 is an emergency fund setup by AAD intended to support programmes impacted by the health crisis and which make sense in these exceptional times. 

“COVID-19 has hit people’s pockets. Some are unable to work and earn an income. We hope the project will go a long way in enabling skills development, economic growth and community development. Additionally, an element of self- pride, dignity and community cohesion that has crippled many communities on the Cape Flats during the pandemic will be restored, “ Says Project Manager, Renshia Manuel. 

Renshia’s organization, Growbox, provides easy and convenient veggie garden boxes and skills to the consumers who need to grow their own vegetables. She recently won the Fair Lady Women of the Future Award. Growbox is at the forefront of sustainable food production. 

The urban farmers’ market will not only sell produce farmed by the local community but, will also be a space for local artisans to sell their goods too. Locally produced goods, arts and crafts would be showcased for the public to purchase and provide much needed community cohesion and rejuvenation for the area. 

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