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The Mike Loutfie Foundation partnering with Agri SA to make a meaningful difference in Mpumalanga: another massive Covid-19 food relief effort.

On Friday 11 September, the Mike Loutfie Foundation will partner with Agri SA, Mpumalanga Agriculture and the Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) Mpumalanga to distribute 1 000 food parcels of fresh produce to communities requiring immediate food relief in Mpumalanga. Approximately 5 000 people will be helped.

The Mike Loutfie Foundation as part of the Agri SA, Yara Africa Fertilizer food relief sponsorship, will work with the RSA Group to facilitate the sourcing, packing and distribution of the fresh produce to various organisations under the CMR umbrella. The food parcels will include a generous helping of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, beetroot and sweet potato.

Agri SA and Mpumalanga Agriculture, through this project want to emphasize that all people from South Africa need to have access to fresh and nutritious food. Food security is not only determined by the capacity to produce food in a sustainable way, but also to the extent of availability and affordability to put it on the table of all people in South Africa. It is a privilege for Mpumalanga Agriculture to co- ordinate this project of Agri SA in our province and to strengthen the positive image of our producers in the minds of our customers, by making a difference in communities in need.

“Mpumalanga Agriculture wants to thank Yara for their donation, the staff of the Mike Loutfie Foundation and Mpumalanga CMR for their huge contribution to make a success of this project,” says Robert Davel, spokesperson of Mpumalanga Agriculture. He added that the farmers and farmworkers also deserve recognition for their tireless efforts, despite difficult circumstances to provide safe, healthy, and affordable food to the people of South Africa.

As a welfare organisation, the structure of CMR Mpumalanga forms the largest non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Mpumalanga in the fields of child protection, child-care and family development. CMR Mpumalanga reaches approximately 71 700 people in need annually.

“CMR Mpumalanga with CMR offices across Mpumalanga strive to relieve the need of communities and to give hope, especially during experiences such as the Covid-19 disaster that will be etched into history. As an NPO, it is a privilege to partner with the Mike Loutfie Foundation and Agri SA to secure nutritious food for the most vulnerable, and to share Love, Light and Hope for those in need. We thank you!”, said Dr Susan Louw, Director of CMR Mpumalanga.

Expert logistics company, Ludie Erasmus Transport, is generously donating their time and resources to handle the huge effort of distributing the precious food parcels.

Executive Director of the Mike Loutfie Foundation, Zani Kunz, said in response to the hunger devastation experienced by communities, “We are proud to be a part of the Agri SA, Yara, food relief projects and to partner with CMR, Mpumalanga Agriculture, Ludie Erasmus Transport and the RSA Group in order to directly assist vulnerable communities by providing them with immune-boosting fresh produce.”

The Mike Loutfie Foundation, at the heart of the fresh produce industry, is perfectly positioned to contribute towards the meaningful development of individuals and communities. In addition to facilitating fresh produce donations, the foundation also works towards sustainable food relief with its Fresh Zone initiative where vegetable tunnels are erected, and communities are empowered to become self-sustaining.

Venue details:
Date: Friday 11 September 2020
Time: 09:00
Address: CMR Middelburg office, 23 Plein Street.

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