Author: Clifford Roberts

Bright ideas pay dividends

A couple that has innovated with a diversified farm and a visitor friendly approach makes waves in a fickle market.
We’re driving on the R360 outwards, north of Upington and there are no more powerlines; just a rule-straight line of tar and fences cutting through the stubble-veld around us. We spot our destination just beyond the first sign advertising the start of the Red Dune tourism-route. It’s the home of Paul and Riana Loots, owners of Farm Uitsig and the Kalahari Guesthouse and Farmstall.

Die Houthoop of Namaqualand – A success story born of crisis

“This Houthoop-business led me to change my entire perspective of our farm,” says Willem. “When I first arrived here, I farmed on my own. I spent a lot of time on the road ferrying the sheep between summer and winter pastures in the Boesmanland. With the success of Veronica’s meals, it all became too much. We worked late almost every night and Veronica had to do everything by herself. It was worth the effort, but I had to be here to help. I decided to sell the Boesmanland property to my brother; now we farm together.”